• A guarantee of six months to five years for all machinery. Excellent after-sales service during any time of the day. Planning, designing of both production areas and showrooms in hotels and bakeries. Furnishing and installing of any machinery and expert advice on maximizing production. Maintenance advises keeping machinery functional.​

  • Expert advice on maximizing equipment/machinery

  • Providing Maintenance advice

  • The opportunity to select equipment to suit your needs

  • To maximize on machine power and as such to save labor

  • To be able to produce the desired output and more earn

  • Save the time because of the technology

  • Establish the business in a small space if necessary

  • To produce high-quality products for market a profit by doing so

  • To produced hygienic items that guarantee quality and 
    health standards.

Island wide Service 

Now we own island wide 3 Main Branches & Workshop too. 

Our proud is well qualified staff members & well organized management system. 

Spare parts 

We maintain Ex stock for all island after sale service need.

Happy to say we have all kind of spares. 

24 x 7 Hotline

We have started 24x7 call center for enhance customer service. 

We are ready to hear from you...