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Dough Moulder - Large

Dough Moulder - Large

The bread dough moulder machine provides a uniform shape for the dough, which are designed for high speed continuous operation for perfect molding operations. It can create the perfect shape for a variety of dough, including pizza, bread, bagels, burger buns, baguettes, rolls, puffs, biscuits, donuts, pastries and any imaginable flour-based cuisine.


Dough moulders allow you to make a variety of shapes using many different dough types. With several different machines to choose from, you can automate bread shaping and make many different types without spending more time. The bread molders allow you to make complex or simple bread types. We have models and sizes to suit your requirements, the stainless steel rollers pin out the dough then the belts roll it into shape with maximum dough widths from

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